Since it was founded in 2005, Brazilian transport company NPT Brasil (Brasil Projetos & Transportes Internacionais LTDA / NPT) has grown into an internationally recognised provider of global logistics solutions for many of the world’s largest and most renowned companies. In 2018, it became part of the UK-based Trans Global Projects Group (TGP). The company prides itself on remaining loyal to its Brazilian roots, and its core values and high level of service quality are based on NPT’s in-depth, hands-on knowledge and experience in its home market of Brazil and South America.


    2018 expansion into the future

    In 2018, NPT Brasil became part of the international project specialist Trans Global Projects Group (TGP). Together, UK-based TGP and NPT Brasil focus on expanding TGP’s presence in the Brazilian and South American region and also make NPT Brasil’s expertise available to a wider range of global clients in the future.

    2015 10th anniversary

    Over the course of a decade, NPT Brasil has developed into a recognised specialist for complex logistics challenges, ranging from plant and heavy-duty equipment assembly and transfer to providing consulting on ocean oil rig operations. With a strong focus on its home market in Brazil and South America, NPT Brasil has a truly global roster of clients.

    2014 logistics for the World Cup

    In 2014, NPT Brasil managed local logistics for the Swiss public television and the Swiss national football team for the football World Cup 2014, which was held in Brazil.

    2007 wind parks in northeastern Brazil

    In 2007, NPT Brasil started one of its first major projects: providing logistics services for the development of 182 wind parks located in Ceará State in the north-eastern region of Brazil. NPT Brasil handled port operations management for incoming shipments and vessels, customs clearance, storage and intermediate storage trucking, mechanical installation and erection of 182 wind towers with turbines at five different locations – most of which were located in remote areas with adverse weather and infrastructure conditions.

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